Consulting & Total Project Management

Our consulting and total project management services ensure your premium is turnkey from design to execution - with sparkling results every time.

Strategic Recommendations

In today’s competitive market, just giving away a product with your name on it is not enough. To elicit the desired consumer behaviour, your premium must work in concert with the other marketing mix elements. Are you looking to drive trial, or grow loyalty with current customers? What about encouraging pantry loading before a competitive launch? Each objective requires radically different premiums.

With 30 years of experience, cutting edge research and a team of ex-brand managers on your side, you’ll never need to worry if you’re making the right choices.

Timeline Ownership & Delivery Logistics

Today, brand teams are expected to deliver more with less. Bigger shares or more prevalent event branding with less spend; more merchandising and members with less staffing. We understand the pressure – and we know how to relieve it. We take total ownership of timeline and create seamless delivery plans, with only approvals and feedback on your part.

Added value? You bet. Our total project management services are all included when Focus is the manufacturing partner.