Premiums Manufacturing

The cost efficiencies of offshore manufacturing, with the control and confidence of local production.

The heart of our operations is our competency in custom manufacturing. Through our office in Hong Kong, we have direct access to the world’s most efficient manufacturing facilities, next generation sustainability designers and best in class product engineers.

We differentiate ourselves from other offshore manufacturers in 4 ways:

Social Responsibility:

Before deciding to work with a factory, we go through rounds of flash inspections, prior work audits and pre-production audits. We speak with individuals, we review payroll books.

Quality Control:

To ensure we are providing the most competitive pricing, we use a competitive bid process between facilities. To most firms, this means a loss of control on the factory floor, and potential quality issues. Not for Focus. Our terms dictate that Focus staff be present at all materials buying, production runs and quality control checks. This ensures that our clients get the best product – and at the best price.


Our innovation pipeline is concentrated in two areas

  1. Cost efficiencies for our clients. We are constantly testing new ways to improve manufacturing productivity, and reduce costs – without compromising the quality of products we’re known for.
  2. Improving premiums sustainability. We look at sustainability from a life cycle analysis perspective ( the impact will the premium have on the environment from manufacturing to disposal) and make recommendations to clients on how to reduce their footprint.

Complimentary Consulting:

Learn more about our total project management services that ensure your premiums project runs seamlessly and delivers successfully.

Does it sound like we could help build your business? Contact us to set up an introductory meeting, or just to chat about your current strategy and how we may be able to help you grow.